From Bay Tree Publishing:

Fortnight on Maxwell Street is a reluctant hero’s journey of fear and courage set in Chicago in the spring of 1968. 24-year-old medical student Nick Weissman spends two weeks delivering babies in the kitchens and bedrooms of the inner-city’s slum tenements. Over his head medically, and unprotected in one of America’s most dangerous neighborhoods, his character and resourcefulness are tested in the extreme when a national tragedy intervenes.

The young white protagonist steps into his racial fear, testing his fledgling professionalism and his honor to care for a black family in grave danger. The embodiment of racial hatred, James Earl Ray, moves in parallel with Nick, stalking Martin Luther King, Jr., killing him and igniting the urban chaos that is the setting for the climax of the story.

Fortnight on Maxwell Street is the winner of the Eric Hoffer Award for the Best General Fiction Book of 2018. The Hoffer Awards honor literary excellence from small and independent presses.

Kirkus Reviews has honored Fortnight on Maxwell Street, selecting it for their list of the Top Five Indie Historical Novels of 2018.